Anne-Lise Larsen is a singer/songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. She is a solo artist, one of the ‘L’s in LL (Sydney jazz duo with Scott Leishman on guitar) and she was the lead singer for the original lounge band ‘Machiniso’ from 2011-2016. More on musical projects she’s involved with currently are listed below. Thank you for visiting!(Updated Wed 1 Oct 2017)

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Lonely Hearts Single Release

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This new single is out today. Available at Lonely Hearts by Anne-Lise Larsen Hope you’ll like. Anne-Lise 🙂 READ MORE

Lonely Hearts

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Hello out there! Surprise surprise! I’ve finished recording a new original song. It’s come as quite the surprise to me as it’s been a long time since I’ve had any inkling, desire or... READ MORE