Lonely Hearts single artwork by Anne-Lise Larsen

Lonely Hearts

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Hello out there!

Surprise surprise! I’ve finished recording a new original song. It’s come as quite the surprise to me as it’s been a long time since I’ve had any inkling, desire or inspiration to write anything new.

It’s a pop song too. It’s heavy on the vocal layering and a simple arrangement with a big phat synth bass line and drum beat to accompany. I wrote, recorded and produced it last week. The bass is a vintage bass synth and I used my pitch bend wheel to give it a real heart dropping effect. The drum patterns are arranged by me, using some of my favourite rhythmical patterns. An incredibly quick process, but when the iron is hot you have to strike, or so they say!

The song content is a little bit odd. So many people live their lives alone and lonely. Even when people reach out to them, they won’t always let them in. Sometimes they even treat the person who cared enough to reach out to them badly, just to make themselves feel better. It’s a complicated world. It could all be so easy if everyone let down their agenda, opened their hearts and acted authentically and kindly.

It’s not easy admiring from afar. What’s worse is that when you see your object of interest going through an emotional trauma, there’s nothing you can do. You wish you could, but there’s a line you can’t cross because they don’t know you, you’re not in their world and you mean nothing to them. Dedicated to BPC.

“Lonely Hearts” will be available at Anne-Lise’s Bandcamp (https://anne-liselarsen.bandcamp.com) website this week!

‘Til then, here’s a preview. Press play below. Hope you’ll enjoy.



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