A Cello For Christmas – New Christmas Album

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I’m a little bit excited to announce that I finally have a Christmas album. After all these years, I managed to get myself together enough to record a proper Christmas album. Over the past decade or so, I always tried … Continued

Unofficial Afterparty @ The Record Crate with Machiniso (+Rondeau & Aqua Zebra)

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The Record Crate in Glebe has a pretty little music room above its selection of vintage and collector vinyls downstairs. If you can make your way up the rickety stairs, you’re guaranteed an intimate live music experience. Thankfully as a … Continued

New LL Cool Jazz Album – A Teaser

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Here’s a little teaser from the first recording session LL Cool Jazz did a couple of weeks ago. These three songs will be on the album! Hot off the recording desk, mastering is yet to be done. If you’ll listen … Continued

The New Bohemians

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What a great Sunday I had! In the morning I was invited by Amanda Easton to be a part of the¬†film clip shoot for her new song “New Bohmemians”. What a great song, a great idea and great vibe/feel. Amanda … Continued