Cold Cold City

The official video of Cold Cold City, from Anne-Lise Larsen’s 2006 EP, I’m Alive. Better late than never. Filmed in a cold cold city over two cold cold weeks in July 2010. Buy the video in Anne-Lise’s shop:


The Weather (Mad Mad Mad Remix)

The official video of The Weather Mad Mad Mad Remix by Anne-Lise Larsen. The original version of The Weather is found on the album Planets Aligned. Filmed on Sydney’s Botany Bay, on a very windy and very early Autumn morning, 2011. Videography by Sphattman. (YouTube added syncing issues to this video) Download this song from Anne-Lise’s shop:


The Dream – live at the Whitehouse Hotel

This is one of my favourite live moments ever. Machiniso brought my song, The Dream, to life and it’s a few moments I’ll never forget. Recorded on Australia Day, January 26 2012. Watch for David Smith’s fantastic vibraphone solo.


The Weather – live at Parramatta Mall

Machiniso doing a killer version of The Weather live at the Farmers’ Markets in Parramatta Mall, August 2013.